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December 27, 2012
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.:: RON :: App :: Louis ::. by iUzuChan .:: RON :: App :: Louis ::. by iUzuChan
App for :iconrings-of-nature:.
Hopefully I get in.

Forgive the spelling errors. I've had almost no sleep and I'm too tried to re-read over this.

♦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♦

♦ ▬Name:
Name is the greek word for 'Logic'.

Nick Name:
Louis. Becuase he doesn't want people to know this real name.

♦ ▬Age:

♦ ▬Height:
5'9" ft.

♦ ▬Weight:
210 lbs.

♦ ▬Class:

♦ ▬Rank:

♦ ▬Gender:

♦ ▬Element:

♦ ▬Kingdom:

♦ ▬Animal trait:
Half Blue Tail Guppy.
Able to breath in and out of water.

♦ ▬Weapon:
A size trident with a 5 foot leght of chain attached to the bottom of it.

♦ ▬Personality:
Louis is a logical person. Emotions hardly ever make the young male do something reckless. Even though Louis is Mr. Logical, he understands how to be happy and usually can be found with his 3 sibling swimming around Darya.

♦ ▬Side:

♦ ▬Abilities:
With one glance at any plant, land or sea, he can tell if it's poisons or eatable.
Can speak with fish from the ocean.
A great hider.

♦ ▬Weakness:
Is a slow swimmer, which causes to be a great hider when he needs it.
Speaking with fresh water fish is a bit of a challenge for him.
When angered or sad, he has a bad habit of speaking Greek.

♦ ▬Background:
Louis had a pretty basic childhood. He loved his mother and father very much, even though he usually bumped heads with him mother on most things. His dad was a fine jeweler and made some of the best jewelry under the sea. No one knew how his father came across the gold and gems he found to make his jewelry and no one really cared. One day, Louis's father had left for his little land cottage where he made his jewelry and never returned.

It was at this time when the family fell on hard times and Louis, being the man of the family had to find something to do to make some money. It was hard work and he made so little, even with his mom working too. Everything seemed hopeless and was falling apart. His mother fought with him more often, scaring his siblings into their rooms and that's how it went for a while...

..Until Louis find another way of... making money. At first, it was small things. Apples, grapes, sometimes even melons. But it moved up to items. Jewelry, gems, small lockets and necklaces.

It made getting money easier and putting his family on the right track again. But, Louis was only 15 and the guilt of stealing from family friends and nice people of Darya, he was slowly falling into a hole of pity... Paying a much needed visit to his grandma, he didn't tell her of what he did and all she knew that it was bad and causing her little Lulu (( His nick name he doesn't want anyone knowing. )) to think of it logically. He was doing it for his loved ones and it was only for now. And that maybe sometime in the future, he could repay them back.

That was the day Louis started to think of everything logically, from stealing to relationships to work. Sure, him and his mother still fight but it's only about little stuff and he knows that she never means anything she says to him. It was a way of dealing with stress.

♦ ▬Likes:
Gold or sliver.
When his troublesome brother and sisters aren't causing him trouble.
Not fighting with his mother.

♦ ▬Dislikes:
His siblings causing him trouble.
Fighting with his mother.
People who annoy him just for fun.
Being called 'Fat', 'Fattie', ect.

♦ ▬Additional facts:
On his app, he doesn't usually wear that much gold. Just made him fancy~.
Grandmother on his mother's side is full Greek.
Has a brother and 2 sisters who like to prank people.
Stealing is almost 2th nature to him and is rarely caught.
As soon as he turned of age, he got a lot of piercings and a tattoo.
More will be added when I think of it. ldfkj
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